Finished latest work

this is my latest mixed media work “Colour Interaction” I would greatly appreciate any feedback on the piece and wether it’s is good enough to sell. I would appreciate all feedback good or critical. Many thanks 


As Art Central and Art Basel descend upon Hong Kong next week, will it become Asia’s arts hub?


Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 2.08.28 PM

The ‘Umbrella Man’ statue, shown here at a pro-democracy protest site in Hong Kong in October, is one example of locally produced art inspired by the city’s civic unrest.

Wall Street Journal (by Wei Gu): 

Once ridiculed as a cultural desert, Hong Kong is now a major destination on the global art circuit.

Next week alone the city will see two art fairs: A new fair, Art Central, debuts March 14-16, while Art Basel Hong Kong, the most important annual art event in Asia, will open March 13, featuring more than 230 galleries from 37 countries.

Buying and selling art fits perfectly with the city’s history as a trading center. But Hong Kong’s local art scene—the one in which local people actually make and enjoy art—has been slower to develop. The Occupy Central protests that paralyzed parts of the city for nearly three months last fall…

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My new work 

hope you like it as much as I do 

Just want to test the water, would this be a painting you would consider buying and if so how much would you be happy to pay?

I keep being told that I could sell my work but have never felt confident or good enough to. Any feedback positive and negative would be greatly appreciated. 

Art which inspires me

These are some images which I have come across whilst researching artists. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have 

Dangerous “Cut and Shut” Pasties containing carrots are being sold in Camborne.

The Pasty Police have been hunting down a black market Pasty seller in Camborne who has been selling “Cut and Shut” Pasties. It is believed the organised criminal gang are operating from a mobile Pasty van in the area, called “The Pasty Wagon.” Head of the Pasty Police said “We had a member of the […]

RAF Jets Scrambled After Russian Bombers Seen Off Cornwall

Link to article. A British Royal Air Force (RAF) 6 Squadron Typhoon (bottom) intercepting a Russian Bear aircraft in international air space off the coast of Britain RAF jets were scrambled on Wednesday after two Russian military aircraft were seen off the Cornwall coast, the Ministry of Defence has said. The Russian Bear bombers did […]